Date: Friday 19 October 2018
09:00Kostantinos LivanasAshes GARDEN OF SERENITY, Garden of Serenity - ROW C, Double Position 023
09:30Mary DockoChapel Camellia Chapel
10:00Laurence ThorleyChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:00Michael StevensAshes OLIVE GROVE, ROW 6, Pos 0307
11:00Laurence ThorleyBurial MARY MACKILLOP GARDENS, SECTION B, Grave 044
11:15Lindsey BerginChapel Rose Chapel
11:30Kathleen PageChapel Camellia Chapel
12:00Edward (K/A Ted) BeckenhamAshes GARDEN OF PEACE, HEXAGONAL ESTATE, Pos 0031
12:00Phyllis MiddletonChapel Magnolia Chapel
12:00Didi LiChapel Palm Chapel
12:30Kathleen PageBurial CATHOLIC MONUMENTAL, U19, Grave 0002
13:00Lily MathiesonChapel Magnolia Chapel
13:30Raymond WalshChapel Camellia Chapel
14:15Michael Mc LeanChapel Palm Chapel
14:30Raymond WalshBurial MARY MACKILLOP GARDENS, SECTION B, Grave 506
15:00Didi LiChapel Magnolia Chapel
15:15Michael Mc LeanBurial VAUGHAN CATHOLIC LAWN, ROW 62, Grave 0029A
Date: Saturday 20 October 2018
09:00Peter DuncanChapel Magnolia Chapel
10:00Fu-Mei ChenChapel Magnolia Chapel
13:00Chui Ming LingBurial CHINESE MONUMENTAL, K25, Grave 0002
13:00Janis TreimanisChapel Magnolia Chapel
14:00Thomas VanniasinghamBurial GENERAL LAWN, EUGR, Grave 177
Date: Monday 22 October 2018
10:00Olga JozefowiczBurial JEWISH MONUMENTAL, D9, Grave 0015
10:30Belinda OxleyChapel Camellia Chapel
11:00John HainesChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:15Beatrice BurgessChapel Palm Chapel
11:30Kevin CarrBurial GENERAL LAWN, GLMROW1, Grave 0053
12:00John HadjisBurial UNSECTARIAN, K4, Grave 0020
12:00Chi LeungChapel Magnolia Chapel
13:00Chi LeungBurial CHINESE MONUMENTAL, ROW 4, Grave 0002
13:30Henry RahiBurial ASCENSION HILL GARDENS, SECTION B, Grave 011-5
14:15Norman InderChapel Rose Chapel
Date: Tuesday 23 October 2018
10:00Po Ning YuenChapel Magnolia Chapel
10:15Clare Tesoriero (service to begin at 10.30 am)Chapel Palm Chapel
10:30Heather Marion YuleChapel Camellia Chapel
11:00Robert ChiaAshes OLIVE GROVE, ROW 5, Pos 0140
11:15Clare Tesoriero (service to begin at 10.30 am)Burial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 15, Grave 0054
11:45Po Ning YuenBurial TRADITIONAL, O23, Grave 0030
12:30Maurice Anthony RaymondBurial VAUGHAN CATHOLIC LAWN, ROW 51A, Grave B
13:00James NolanBurial CATHOLIC MONUMENTAL, EE9, Grave 0031
13:30Marie May BignoldBurial GENERAL LAWN, EUGR, Grave 066
13:30Lucia RubinoBurial CRYPT, SACRED HEART - C, Vault 0025
Date: Wednesday 24 October 2018
10:30William Francis k/as Frank AdamsChapel Camellia Chapel
11:15Brian JonesChapel Rose Chapel
Date: Thursday 25 October 2018
09:30Rola SolimanBurial VAUGHAN CATHOLIC LAWN, ROW 65, Grave 0029A
11:00Maria BeukersChapel Magnolia Chapel
12:30Ignazio TorrisiBurial CRYPT, SACRED HEART - B, Vault 0008
14:00Ethel SmithAshes GENERAL LAWN, O, Grave 0383
14:15Mikaela PunChapel Rose Chapel
Date: Friday 26 October 2018
10:30Kwan Ying SeetoChapel Camellia Chapel
11:30Eileen BaylissBurial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 16, Grave 1420
12:00Judith CallaghanAshes ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 13, Grave 0902
12:00Merle FrogleyChapel Magnolia Chapel
12:15Kwan Ying SeetoBurial VAUGHAN CATHOLIC LAWN, ROW 4, Grave 0091
13:00Hedley SomervilleChapel Magnolia Chapel
14:15Barbara SugarChapel Palm Chapel
14:45Joye SlaterBurial PRESBYTERIAN MONUMENTAL, F7, Grave 0025
15:00Hedley SomervilleBurial CHURCH OF ENGLAND, F3, Grave 0045