Date: Wednesday 22 August 2018
09:00Henry SoAshes GARDEN OF MEMORIES, Inner Circle - Single, Position 074
10:15Sylvia YoungChapel Palm Chapel
10:30Raymond TaylorChapel Camellia Chapel
10:30Bryce BartonChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:00Anna Lisa VirtanenAshes A J HARE LAWN, ROW 56, Grave 0008
11:00Robert John SaundersChapel Lotus Pavilion
11:15Maria SimoneChapel Rose Chapel
11:30Raymond TaylorBurial MARY MACKILLOP GARDENS, SECTION B, Grave 512
12:15Maria GrozdanovskiBurial UNSECTARIAN, D4, Grave 0024
12:30Sabaratnam KiritharanAshes GARDEN OF SERENITY, Garden of Serenity - ROW H, Position 035
13:00Edeltraud TaboneChapel Magnolia Chapel
14:00John VeeversChapel Magnolia Chapel
14:15Desmond HillChapel Rose Chapel
14:15Joan SlatyerChapel Palm Chapel
15:00Allan StephanAshes CHURCH OF ENGLAND, E7, Grave 0058
Date: Thursday 23 August 2018
10:15Tony NunnChapel Rose Chapel
11:00Yourik AghajanianBurial ARMENIAN LAWN, J16, Grave 0005
11:00David TaylorChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:15Bok Sun ChungChapel Palm Chapel
11:45Rodney SternBurial JEWISH MONUMENTAL, F34, Grave 021
12:00Patricia O'ConnellBurial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, P3 NUNS, Grave 180C
12:15Bok Sun ChungBurial GENERAL LAWN, GAPROW2, Grave 075
14:00Slavica K/as Sylvia KlemenicBurial MARY MACKILLOP GARDENS, SECTION C LAWN MONUMENTAL, Grave 419
14:00Francis Mc MahonChapel Magnolia Chapel
Date: Friday 24 August 2018
10:00Dorothy ParkerChapel Lotus Pavilion
10:00Kelvin BarrettAshes RIVER GUM RESERVE, SECTION A, Pos 0243
10:15Yanxi ChenChapel Palm Chapel
10:30Darrell GrothChapel Camellia Chapel
10:30Joan O'LearyBurial MARY MACKILLOP GARDENS, SECTION B, Grave 539
11:15Yanxi ChenBurial MACQUARIE VISTA, SECTION C, Grave 0318
12:00John MacAndrewBurial MARY MACKILLOP GARDENS, SECTION B, Grave 546
12:00Tase RobevBurial UNSECTARIAN, D4, Grave 036C
12:15Joan Van AcqoyChapel Rose Chapel
12:15Kam Fai WongChapel Palm Chapel
12:30Darlene MarChapel Camellia Chapel
12:45Patricia HarringtonBurial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 10, Grave 0216
13:00Eileen MayneAshes CATHOLIC MONUMENTAL, U15, Grave 0027
13:00Joan Van AcqoyBurial GENERAL LAWN, EUGR, Grave 050
13:30Darlene MarBurial GENERAL LAWN, EUGR, Grave 110
14:00Jennifer SmithChapel Magnolia Chapel
14:15Kam Fai WongBurial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 18, Grave 0463
15:15Hazel WaldenChapel Palm Chapel
Date: Saturday 25 August 2018
10:00Ascher Mark DerwentChapel Magnolia Chapel
Date: Monday 27 August 2018
09:00Arthur LimboAshes GARDEN OF SERENITY, Garden of Serenity - ROW A, Position 107
11:00Richard PacholskiChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:30Lorraine Wycombe EdwardsBurial ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN, BLOCK 16, Grave 0325
12:15Assunta MazzoloBurial VAUGHAN CATHOLIC LAWN, ROW 34, Grave 0107
14:00Ronald StoneChapel Magnolia Chapel
14:30Magdalene LaiChapel Camellia Chapel
15:00Franz StroblAshes VAUGHAN CATHOLIC LAWN, ROW 63, Grave 0041
Date: Tuesday 28 August 2018
10:30Ronald Mc EvoyChapel Camellia Chapel
11:00Russell James LouisChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:15Patricia CampbellChapel Rose Chapel
11:15Amandio EncarnacaoChapel Palm Chapel
12:00Sum YoungChapel Magnolia Chapel
12:15Amandio EncarnacaoBurial
12:30Shirley k/as Susie MitchellChapel Camellia Chapel
13:00Sum YoungBurial A J HARE LAWN, ROW 32, Grave 016B
13:15Miriam Janice Joyce GladenChapel Rose Chapel
14:30Bruce DouglasChapel Camellia Chapel
Date: Wednesday 29 August 2018
09:00Arthur GoodwinAshes ASHES WALL GENERAL NICHE, C3, Pos 0021
11:00Chun MakAshes GARDEN OF MEMORIES, Outer Garden Estate - 3 Interments, Position 013
11:00Lillias PetersChapel Magnolia Chapel
11:15Elizabeth GillespieChapel Palm Chapel
11:30Diana DawesChapel Camellia Chapel